Waring Pro TCO650Currently on the market for less than eighty dollars, the Waring Pro TCO650 promises countertop cooking that won’t break the bank. In fact, being extra energy efficient, it might even help it.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Waring Pro is that it’s not exactly stylish. The red led display looks old fashioned, and the logos, a little too prominent.

Nobody buys an oven for its looks however and thankfully, it more than makes up for this shortcoming in functionality.

The interior provides a generous capacity of .6 cubic feet. This means that unlike some six slice toasters, the Waring Pro can comfortably handle a twelve inch pizza or a family sized casserole.

I was initially unsure about its pizza abilities because the inner dimensions are listed as 10.5 by 12 by 8.5. The reason that it can handle a 12 inch pizza however is because it has a curve at the back that offers additional depth

While I’ve been very impressed by it’s pizza baking abilities, well cooked pizzas are just one of its functions. The easy to use interface provides a choice of six different settings, namely toast, bagel, bake, broil, pizza and convection.

Using the appliance is simply a matter of choosing one of these options and then turning on the timer. The timer goes up to 60 which is a big improvement over some similarly priced ovens.

The convection setting is also a nice bonus. In case you haven’t heard of convection before, it’s simply a fancy way of saying fan assisted. The fan helps to circulate air which in turn cooks food up to thirty percent faster.

The combination of a fan and a small cooking area result in an oven that takes all of three minutes to pre heat. This is a feature that I personally love but you do need to be careful the first few times you use it not to burn your food.

Speaking of burnt food, I’ve found that the oven generally cooks everything evenly. Unlike some appliances in this price range, there’s very little inconsistency either. Once you figure out the perfect cooking time for a dish, it will turn out just right every time.

One thing that I don’t love about the oven is the bell. It’s supposed to let you know that your food is done but the volume seems better suited to a fire alarm. If you have any sleeping babies, or nervous pets around, this probably isn’t the oven for you.

In terms of durability, the oven appears well very built. Personally, I only tested it for a week so I cannot really judge. Looking at customer reviews, however, it has an average score of 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon. This isn’t a score that an error prone oven is going to achieve.

In conclusion, the Waring Pro is a well designed, well built appliance that offers an awful lot of value for under a hundred dollars. It’s big enough to roast a chicken and yet small enough to fit on most counters.

It’s not the best microwave oven on the market, that award still goes to the Breville BOV800XL. Considering the price however, it may well be the best value.

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