Frigidaire FFMV164LSI’ll start this review by saying that Frigidaire aren’t necessarily bad company. For a fridge manufacturer, they have a pretty clever name. And over the 20 years that they’ve been in business, they’ve made some pretty high quality appliances.

Unfortunately, the subject of today’s review, the FFMV164LS is anything but high quality. In fact, it may well be the worst microwave that I’ve ever tested.

Before I go on to explain the million things wrong with this “appliance”, I’ll start with the key specs. Perhaps, you’ve been unlucky enough to receive it as a wedding gift or something.

Key Specs and Features

The FFMV164LS features 1.6 cubic feet of cooking space and is powered by a 1,555 Watt engine. Interior dimensions are approximately 13 by 14 by 9. It offers two different fan speeds, 23 different power levels, and has a reasonably attractive stainless steel shell.

The Beeping

It’s rare that I’ll devote an entire section to beeping but this is a special appliance. Like all microwaves, it makes noise to signal when your food is done. It’s a necessary feature. It’s probably the easiest feature to design. And yet….

There are two different kinds depending on whether or not you use the timer. Without the timer, a barely audible single beep is heard when your food is complete. It’s not terrible but if there’s any kind of background noise, it’ll go unnoticed. This isn’t a big deal.

What’s maddening however is what happens when you do use the timer. Upon completion, three car alarm like beeps are heard over the course of what feels like forever. That may be an exaggeration but you will literally hear it at the other side of your home.

And whats worse, those beeps don’t stop when you open the door. They just keep on going. And as they go, the entire microwave is a brick in which no buttons work.

It might seem like I’m nitpicking here but I’ve tested a lot of microwaves and I’ve simply never heard anything like it. This is the first kitchen appliance that has actually managed to make me angry.

Other Problems

The quick touch buttons are inaccurate. I generally like quick touch buttons, they make cooking easier and faster. Unfortunately, half of them appear to be chosen at random. Some over cook, some under cook and basically, I just stopped using them.

The turntable turns but it can’t be turned off. In other words, try to cook anything oddly shaped and you risk damaging the microwave.

The control panel while neat and organized, looks and feels cheap. It also seems to be designed to require the user to press additional buttons for no apparent reason.

The handle is made from metal. Microwaves produce heat. Metal conducts heat. It’s the first time that I’ve had to use a tea towel to open a microwave door.


As you can imagine, customer reviews for this appliance are less than positive. In fact, growling might be a better word.

Given the aforementioned usability issues, I didn’t test this appliance longer than a week. And it turns out that was probably for the best. Because apparently, the only thing worse than usability here is durability.

At the time of writing, it’s only been reviewed 46 times. That’s not very many. But when 33 of them are 1 star reviews, that’s more than enough to suggest serious problems.

About 50% of those reviews were angry for the same reasons that I was (usability).

The rest report that the appliance has a nasty habit of shutting down permanently for no apparent reason. A strange number of people also stated that it just so happened to shut down shortly after the warranty finished.


Needless to say, I don’t suggest purchasing this product for yourself or anybody that you care about. If you’re the passive aggressive type, it might make a good present for an enemy. Other than that, stay far, far away.

And I hate to say it, but I’d also recommend doing your research thoroughly before purchasing any other Frigidaire product in the future. Most of their appliances are great but there’s no excuse for this one.

Usually, I’d end this review with a link to Amazon. But this time, I’m going to skip it.